Upsala Blue Jays

Bean-Yack's Thoughts



*The amateur baseball season is finally underway after the crappiest spring for baseball I can ever remember in Minnesota.  The snow fall is not so much the issue.  The main issue is that someone forgot to tell Mother Nature about global warming.  My alma mater in Marshall played zero home baseball games this year.  You have to feel for the seniors.


*The Twins are off to the hot start.  …well, if you compare it to the past couple seasons.  .500 baseball in May has not been the case the last 2 seasons.  That could mean that some summer trips to Target Field could be more about the baseball then it is about the food and scenery.


*Why does the releasing of Chris Kluwe have to be about anything other than his performance on the field?  Did his outspoken ways hurt him?  Only in the fact that he was preoccupied with other priorities.  I find it hard to believe a football team would release a good football because he is outspoken.  So that must mean that Kluwe’s play is not up to the standards the Viking expect.  Can we leave it at that?!


*Looks like things have com full circle for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Flip Saunders has been named President of Basketball Operations.  Now, I like Flip.  But what has he done that makes people worship him so?  He won 2 playoff series’ with the Wolves.  Went to Detroit and failed to win a title with what was considered the best team in the league for a span and was fired.  Went to Washington and failed to do anything for the Bullets and was fired a 3rd time.  I hope he is the answer, but he has little track record to compare to so only time will tell.